About Kickstart

Kickstart.com.ng is a community of innovators in Nigeria who understand that they have been blessed with is ideas, knowledge and foresight. These on one hand make a group. The second group comprises those who have capital and are risk takers.

The site admin is Sola Daniel, he curates the various submissions he receives along with other partners to showcase the best opportunities for capital money.


Our approach is not ‘crowdfunding’; kickstart is a connection between capital and entrepreneurship. Check which of these interesting projects you would love to see started; become a part-owner of a new cool enterprise even if you are not an innovator or a scientist.

Zero liability

Business is a risk. This information is presented with the best of intentions, however, without any liability on us. Your entire decision to invest, partner, or kickstart a project is yours. Usage of this site is acceptance of the fact that you are solely responsible for your actions or inactions as regards this service.

Kickstart.com.ng is a product of Software Village [Nigeria].