How to use Kickstart

Investors, funders, partners

  • Registration
    The projects have access to on Kickstart is dependent on your subscription.
    We have quarterly subscriptions for businesspersons that gives 3-months access to the various projects posted by innovators.
  • Limits
    There are limits to the number of projects you may access over the period of your subscription.
  • Non-disclosure, non-usage. You are not permitted to use any of the ideas to launch your own business without the involvement of the innovator. You are not permitted to disclose the ideas you find on Kickstart to third parties whether verbally or orally without the knowledge of the innovator who owns the project.

Innovators, scientists, inventors, skilled professionals

  • Registration
    Registration as an innovator is currently free during our trial period. You can submit as many projects as you want during this period.
  • Limits
    You can not have access to projects posted on except you are registered as a funder.
  • You must fill in as much information as you can in your profile, our matching algorithm relies not only on the content of your project but also on the information about you. You stand a better chance of getting a funder with a complete profile.

Protecting your ideas I

  • Document all your work as early as you can and keep them safe.
    Google Drive is free, use it. All your hand produced documents eg jottings as well as electronic documents can be scanned and uploaded to your Drive.
  • Take a step.
    Name the idea, register a domain name for the idea and put an About Page or Coming Soon page. We’ll gladly assist you with this for free.
  • Take another step, build something.
    This mainly applies to tech related businesses, but other industries may be subject to this step too. Paper ideas or verbal ideas can be easily ‘claimed’ by others; but concrete projects would need to be ‘stolen’. The difference being that one is glaring.

We try to screen people who register as investors, we limit the period and number of projects investors may view, we request a deposit, we request memberships. All these are to protect your intellectual property. You also need to be a party to protecting your ideas and project.

  • Ensure you are crucial to the idea.
    Imagine I come to you that I need funds to start a horse-riding business. But I don’t ride a horse, I can’t keep a stable, I know nothing about horse-breeding and so on. So I am going to spend money hiring every single skill necessary for the business. What stops someone who has money going off to get those persons and starting the business on his own? Nothing. Because I had nothing more than an idea, or a mere suggestion that a horse-riding business would be cool.

Protecting your ideas II

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